TTRPG Creator Resources

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For Styling Posts

Canva – This has a free plan. If you do a lot you will have to pay, but if you only use it occasionally the free plan should work fine.

Spark – If you don’t already have an adobe subscription don’t bother, but if you are already paying for photoshop then you may as well use Spark.

For Scheduling Posts – This is what I use to schedule. You can schedule twitter, instagram, pinterest, tik tok and facebook. With the free account you can do 10 per platform per month. You can not do posts with more than one image without upgrading.

Spark – Again, only if you already have an adobe subscription. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many you can schedule but it doesn’t do multi image posts, which I think is rather limiting.

Postpone – This is what I use to schedule Reddit. It is the best tool I have found so far, but it still has limitations. It recommends the best time to post for each subreddit, lets you setup templates or setup a post once and add it to other subreddits, add the first comment, and is generally easy to use. What I don’t like is that you can only do one picture at a time per post, and it doesn’t do video. The free account only lets you do 10 posts per month so if you post to many subreddits you’re going to need the paid version.

Where to Sell Your TTRPG Creations

Your Website – If you are creating content, have a website. It’s that simple. Search engines can find you. You can run a store without monthly fees. Or you can just have a gallery of your work or a way to contact you. It can be as simple or complex as you want. In it's most simple form gives you a free mini website with a custom URL and search engine optimization. Want something bigger? I love Dreamhost and have had my websites there for over 5 years now. All your sites get free SSL (secure certificates) and you can install wordpress with one click.

Patreon – Setup plans that charge monthly or per product release. Pretty easy to use. They take 8% of the money plus a fee per transaction.

DMsGuild – If you want to legally sell anything referencing licensed D&D products you have no choice but to sell at DMsGuild. The site is clunky and the product posting process feels very dated. Plus, they take 50% of the money. They know you have no other option.

DTRPG – You can sell your work digitally or in print. They take between 30-50% of the money depending on a number of factors. Also the website and posting process are both super clunky.

Roll 20 – They have some very discrimitory and questionable policies about maps made with professional mapping software like dungeon draft or inkarnate. However, their $4.99 min price is creator friendly, and they have a lot of users. You need to apply to be a seller.

Forge – this is ONLY if your content is setup into Fantasy Grounds mods

Ko-Fi – lets you accept single donations as well as monthly membership fees.

Art Station – I don’t know a lot about this but I believe you can sell individual pieces as well as prints. Not specifically targeted to ttrpgamers. – Free to use, they handle the payments, and you can set their fee at whatever you want. It’s 10% by default, but you can make it more or even make it 0. The downside is they aren’t really setup with categories for TTRPGs.

Map Making Software

Auto Realm - Free vector based software to make simple battle maps

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator – browser based cartography tool for creating world maps. Software is free but he has a patreon so you can support his work! Not clear if you have commercial rights.

Campaign Cartogropher 3 – This is for world maps, and you get a commercial licence. All three of these ProFantasy softwares are often on Humble Bundle for a really good price so if you are considering buying it, you might want to keep an eye out there. Website price is £29.95 (one time fee) Last humble bundle all 3 together went for about that price 

City Designer 3 – This is for making cities. It is a one time fee of £27.95 but as mentioned above, check humble bundle as it often goes on sale in a package with Campaign Cartographer and Dungeon Designer. Commercial licence.

Dungeon Alchemist This makes 3D battle maps. You can auto generate them with AI based on a theme or you can hand place items and customize things. It’s still new so there are some limitations but if you are looking for a fast map, this will do it. You can buy it on Steam for $44.99 one time fee. You can also export for Fantasy Grounds or Foundry so you don’t have to setup the line of sight yourself. You have commercial license unless you are making over $100k a year.

Dungeon Designer 3 – This is the third in the ProFantasy trio and is for making battle maps. It goes for £27.95 as a one time fee. Again, keep an eye on humble bundle! Commercial license.

Dungeon Draft – This is very popular battle map making software. It goes for a one time fee of $19.99 and you have commercial rights to your maps. A lot of artists also sell additional assets for use in dungeon draft. You can also get modules to export maps setup and ready to use in popular VTTs. It’s pretty easy to use, and makes clean looking maps.

Dungeon Fog –This is on online battle map creation software. It is free to use, but if you want to unlock everything its €4.90/m (€49.90/y) and if you want to use it for commercial use it’s €99.90/year. It has more modern or sci-fi assets than the other battle map softwares, and the path tool is pretty nice.

Dungeon Scrawl - Make old school type dungeons with ease. Free to use, and commercially use.

Inkarnate – This lets you do world maps, city maps, and battle maps. It’s easy to use and very versatile. Makes beautiful maps in several styles depending on your tastes and needs. You can start for free but to unlock all the assets (and the commercial usage) it is $25/year or $5/ month.

Watabou – This guy has a one page dungeon generator, a neighborhood generator, a city generator and a cave generator amongst other things. Its all browser based and free with commercial rights, but you can support him through his patreon.

Wonderdraft – From the same maker as dungeon draft, this is world map making software. It has a one time fee of $29.99 and grants a commercial license